Studies and Research

An academic research team operates within Hoshen and conducts studies in LGBT related topics.

Hoshen collaborates with institutes of higher education and conducts professional and academic studies. One such study was the Milestone Research, an attempt to formulate a model for the development of GLBT sexual orientation.

(Age (gays (Age (lesbians Milestone
10.6 12.8 I feel different
12.2 15.4 I am attracted to people of the same sex
14.4 15.4 I know a GLBT person
14.5 18 I may be GLBT
17 21.1 I am GLBT
17.2 17.1 I fell in love with someone of the same sex
16.6 20 Sexual experience with a person of the same sex
16.5 16.6 Sexual experience with a person of the opposite sex
17.5 20 I told someone
18.6 19.9 I have a GLBT friend
19.9 22.4 I told a family member
20.8 23.1 I told at work

A sample table from the Milestone Research

Another study conducted by the organization examined the changing attitudes of high school students towards GLBT individuals, following Hoshen activities. The results showed positive attitude changes, with the greatest changes recorded in the emotional aspect, to which Hoshen's activities are aimed. The study provoked great national and international reactions, and was presented at various conferences.

In addition, Hoshen supports the promotion of research and academic knowledge enrichment in Israel through the organization of an academic research competition in the area of the struggle against GLBT-phobia, as part of IDAHO events.