Our Organization At A Glance

Founded:   2004
Registered Nonprofit:   Yes
Amuta (Israeli NGO) No:   513544494
501(c) 3 Fiscal Agent:   The New Israel Fund  (EIN 94-8607722)

Organizational Budget:

Hoshen's annual budget is around $150,000. A general breakdown as to how we use those funds can be seen in the graph above (on the right). About half of our income comes from earned income from events and workshops. The Association also receives some support from the Municipality of Tel Aviv. The rest of our income comes from private donations both in Israel and abroad. To find out how you can help us meet our annual budget, feel free to contact us.

Paid full-time staff: 4
Active Volunteers: 300+

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T: +972-(0)3-5280698
Ext. 106
P.O.B 23038
Tel Aviv