Hoshen's Main Activities

Every year, over 250 GLBT conduct 700 educational activities, which reach an audience of nearly 30,000 people that aimed at many different target audiences: high school students and
teachers, university students, police officers, soldiers, medical staff and social workers.

Personal Story
Hoshen facilitators meet 20,000 high school students and teachers every year and share their own personal story. The way that the personal story is conveyed allows for the creation of a stereotype-free environment and helps the audience relate to them and hardships they had to face.

Hoshen's activities help GLBT teens tremendously.  These youths yearn for a positive GLBT role-model; someone who they can relate to, ask questions of, and from whom they can receive first-hand information regarding their experiences.

Thanks to Hoshen's proven success, it is the only GLBT organization that is officially recognized by the Education Psychological Authority (SHEFI) of the Ministry of Education.

Annual Conferences for Therapists 2013

Hoshen facilitators visit schools to share their personal stories as part of “My Story” project.

Annual Conferences for therapists
Since 2008, Hoshen, in cooperation with the Bob Shapell School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University, hosts spearhead conference that deals with various GLBT related therapeutic issues, presented by prominent Israeli and world-renowned lecturers. Every year the Conference focusses on different relevant issues, such as: GLBT families, the GLBT community and risk situations, couple's therapy in the GLBT community, and the reciprocal
influence of therapeutic and social processes in the GLBT community.

Designated Conferences
Every year Hoshen conducts dozens of specialized conferences designed for different  audiences, such as formal and informal education personnel, social workers, doctors and nursing professionals, police and military officers, as well as university and college students. The aim of these conferences is to provide knowledge, discuss issues and give advice as to how to interact with LGBT persons which they might come into contact with.