Donating to Hoshen

You can help Hoshen continue to lead a meaningful change for the LGBT community in Israel!

Hoshen is primarily funded through program fees (60%), whereas the remainder (40%) is received from the Tel Aviv Municipality, donations, and friends.  Looking forward to the challenges we face, we invite you to become part of our enterprise by specifically donating towards the inclusion of the GLBT community, and societal diversity, in general. As Hoshen is a public organization, all donations are recognized for tax purposes.

Donating is possible directly via:

  • PayPal:

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  • Direct deposit: Bank Otsar Hahayal (bank #14), account #: 60606, branch #: 361 (Hahashmonaim)
  • A check drawn out to: "Hoshen - Education and Change", P.O.Box 23038, Tel Aviv, 6123001
  • or through NIF, a 501(c)(3) Tax-Deductible Charity in the USA.