Activity Feedbacks

At the end of each activity we ask the participants to fill out a short feedback questionnaire in order for us to learn and improve these activities.
Sometimes we recieve feedback via the Hoshen website.


11th grader from southern Israel:

"I would like to start by saying that as soon as my head teacher told us that we would have an activity about sexual orientation and gender on Monday I stressed out. I stressed out because I'm gay, I stressed out because I'm in the closet, I stressed out because every time this subject comes up I try to look as straight as possible so others wouldn't think I am one. ." [Click for more...]

10th grader from Jerusalem:

"The conversation was direct and not elusive.." [Click for more...]

12th grader from Tel Aviv:

"I learned a lot of thing that I didn't know.. " [Click for more...]


"The most important thing in the activity is personal interaction" [Click for more...]