11th Grader from Southern Israel

Today you carried out an activity at my high school and I would like to thank you. Two of your volunteers arrived in my senior year class.
I would like to start by saying that as soon as my head teacher told us that we would have an activity about sexual orientation and gender on Monday I stressed out. I stressed out because I’m gay, I stressed out because I’m in the closet, I stressed out because every time this subject comes up I try to look as straight as possible so others wouldn’t think I am one.
So I was thinking of not attending and not having to deal with it but then I said to myself: “at last openly gay people come to my school and I don’t show up?”
So I decided to come anyway. And then I received another blow - it will last 2 consecutive periods! What am I supposed to do now!?
So I decided to attend, to see how much my mental endurance is able to take

The 10 o’clock break ends, the Hoshen’s volunteers arrive in class. One of them even turns to me for something and we sit down in a circle.
Straight away I could tell he was gay even though he looks kind of straight and also quite cute and with him was another volunteer which looked a little lesbian but not exactly.
During their lecture I felt trapped, trapped between those two horrible worlds: my inner world and my outer world.
I felt how untrue I was with myself.
Overall I acted kind of straight and exchanged a few words with the two volunteers. They were wonderful. Their stories were a little emotional.

And I simply wanted to say thank you in this letter - thank you to the Hoshen organization, which does an indescribably sacred work. I watched today how people’s perceptions change, people who are exposed to others who are different than themselves still respect them - and it was just delightful (yes it is kind of gay to say delightful).

So I have to say thank you very very very much to the volunteers for the great work they did. I appreciate them as a person and also as a LGBT person and I am proud of them.

During the activity I just wanted to hug them or say something to them but I’m a closeted gay person. I wanted to speak with them afterwards but I am a gay in the closet.

And here is my opportunity to thank them and especially to the male volunteer with whom I identify more, and I hope you personally share what I wrote here with them!

Thank you so much and good luck with everything